Gray Paper Legal, LLC provides valuable support for busy attorneys at reasonable rates. We work efficiently and within budget.

Legal Research

We are primarily a Westlaw shop but we use a variety of subscription and free resources to efficiently deliver nuanced work product. Our standard hourly rate is $85. You may also name your price for a project or select one of our subscription options. Also, check out our a la carte offerings below.

Sample projects:

  • NEW! AI Services with Casetext CoCounsel. Schedule a call to learn how you take advantage of new AI Services. Perform common tasks in minutes, not. hours: Summarize and review documents, draft discovery requests, create timelines, and more.
  • Standard Research Memoranda
  • Cite Check
  • Trademark Clearance
  • Alerting and Tracking
  • Multi-Jurisdiction Surveys

Document Automation

We’ll work in your preferred platform; Lawyaw, PatternBuilder, Gavel, Woodpecker, DocAssemble… We’ll also take a little time to review your business process to ensure that the application will truly build efficiency into your practice.

See our sample [ here ]

Data Analysis and Visualization

We can help you interpret litigation analytics or your own data sets.


Subscriptions include access to a secure portal where you can share documents, send messages, schedule meetings, and order research and other projects. Basic and Premium subscriptions include free, dedicated service hours each month plus, a discount on our standard hourly rate for any additional hours required to complete a project in that month.



Portal Access

1 Meeting / Month

50% Discount on CLE and other Programming



Portal Access

3 Dedicated Services Hours

10% Discount on Additional Service Hours

1 Meeting / Week

Programming Included



Portal Access

5 Dedicated Service Hours

20% Discount on Additional Service Hours

Meetings as Needed

Programming Included

Minnesota Litigator Options

MN Civil Litigator: $250 / Monthly

Secure portal, 3 dedicated service hours, 20% discount on additional hours, plus our pleading generator

[call: 612.666.7300]

MN Landlord / Tenant (Coming Soon)

Secure portal, 3 dedicated service hours, 20% discount on additional hours, plus our automated landlord/tenant forms.

[alert me]

“Michael …works very quickly, and his work product is excellent…did a great job on a tight timeline … has excellent drafting skills…”

à la carte offerings

Simple projects. Quick turnaround. Low cost.

One Hour Ride Along

$85: Share your screen for live support. We’ll use this one hour session to work in tandem with you or your team. Great for advancing a research project, exploring AI tools, or learning more about your document automation tools. 

  • Wrap up a legal research project or get one started.
  • Test the new CoCounsel AI tools.
  • Learn how to apply conditionals in your document automation platform.
  • Design a 50-state survey project.
  • Prepare your documents and data for document automation.
  • …you name it.
Advanced Cite Check

$40: Complete a short questionnaire, securely upload your document(s), and we’ll return a full Westlaw Quick Check Report (Recommendations, Warnings for Cited Authority, Quotation Analysis, and Table of Authorities) on the date you specify. Payment due upon receipt of the report.

AI Assist

$25: Send us your query and we’ll return the response along with the supporting documentation from Westlaw Precision’s AI Assist. TIP: Keep your question concise and precise. Best results come from narrow questions. Do not draft a ‘prompt.’ Payment due upon receipt of the report.